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APPLY NOW: Clients Relation Specialist Needed

There’s a current recruitment exercise going on at the organisation Photobook Worldwide for the position of Clients Relation Specialist.

Before you go ahead reading, an maybe submitting your application, you need to know that the company, is located at Toronto, On. Application, is opened to all Nationalities.

The requirements for this job, is quite catchy. As per the information received, you need a 1 year working experience, you need good English communication skills, and series of other outlined requirements.

Photobook Worldwide Job Applications
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Do you think you’d be good enough to get employed by the organisation Photobook Worldwide for the position of a Clients Relation Specialist? Check out the Responsibilities and Requirements needed, and see how to apply below.


It’s normal for every and all organisations to give out an outlined list of responsibilities a job applicant is supposed to posses, in order to get handed a Job opportunity in any organisation.

Below, is the outlined lists of responsibilities required by Photobook Worldwide, by interested applicants in the position of Clients Relation Specialist.

  • Attend to customer walk-ins and incoming customer calls.
  • Handles customers concerns specifically related to their experience with the Company’s products and support.
  • Ensure effective handling of customer queries on company’s products, handling of complains and related correspondence.
  • Demonstrate keen interest to find out the real needs of the customers and help resolve their problems.
  • Work with the team leads when necessary, to resolve the concern coming from customers.
  • Responsible in handling emails/live chat online and on marketplaces.

Most of this, will be thought to the interested applicants by the company.


Below are attributes required by a Clients Relation Specialist at Photobook Worldwide.

  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma or Degree in any field.
  • Able to converse and correspond in English.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in customer service preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, on the telephone or in writing.
  • Very patient in handling concerns from different types of customers.
  • Very independent and highly motivated to learn and ability to learn new concepts quickly and apply to assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  • Good task management and cross-functional team coordination skills.
  • Ability to think work as part of a team, to integrate with others and to show personal initiative.
  • Results-oriented, career-minded, hard-working, focused, and team-oriented player.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Has the initiative and the ability to offer new ideas.
  • Strong knowledge of customer care processes and techniques.
  • Dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Are you still interested in getting this job? If yes, you can check out the means of applying for the job below.

How To Apply For Job

Now, you’ve gone through the responsibilities and required skills to getting this job. Do you think you posses everything needed? If yes, send you’re Resume to the email below. Goodluck..


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